Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Green Vase with Oranges - oil

I worked on this painting for about 25+ hours. The moral of this experiment is "do not paint anything with reflections until you know what yo are doing." To paint anything in oil is still a challenge for me and take on still life like this was a crazy idea. But I survived it and learned a lot. I might go back and fix some areas I did at the beginning. It seems that oil paintings are never finished!

Stiff Model - oil

This painting was interesting. I painted it at the class in 40 minutes. The model was really stiff and it was a challenge to make anything of his pose. I didn't like it so I decided to paint over it. As I started applying paints over, I realized I liked it more than the way I painted it. The all-over tint unified the painting. I will probably still paint over it!

Shy Girl - oil

This is almost final of the Shy Girl. I was having fun painting this one, even though I struggled with the medium. I find oil very challenging. But that makes it fun and I am sure I am learning a lot. It was a struggle to get the colors right and not to cross-contaminate them. Perspective is what makes this painting interesting.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New oil painting - progress report

I am working on my somewhat abstract painting. It is oil, so it is taking me a long time. But I am having fun painting it. I am learning a lot. I just hope I will get faster as I learn, so far it is a slow and tedious process.

Just on a side, I sent off pictures of three of my watercolors to a juried show and I am in a process of entering five of my pastels into a community program, to have them displayed in a public venue. It is fun and exciting.

Here is the painting, it is not finished