Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blue Pitcher with pomegranate - oil

I have to admit i find oil painting much more challenging than watercolor or pastel. The hardest part for me is learning to apply the oil. Not too thin not too thick and still thing of the shape and composition! On top of it the class is 3 hours and at every class there is a demo at the beginning. there is usually about 1 hour and 15 min left to paint. Not much, especially if you have no clue, what to do.


  1. STOP saying you do not have clue! YOU DO!, you are so very talented ! Thanks for the painting of today, both, Michal and I are loving it!!:) love u!!

  2. I am glad you both like the painting!

  3. I can't tell yo how much I learned since last fall. The beginnings were rather scary, but I feel sooooo much better about it now.