Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oil Painting Class - Blue and yellow - oil

It's been a while for me to post new paintings. I am writing this in February 2013, but want to keep the paintings in a chronological order, so that is why I am posting at the 2012.  I doesn't mean that I am not painting. I just got busy with LIFE. I hope you understand that that happens.

I decided to put most of my artistic energy to oil painting. In fall I started to take classes with wonderful teacher Jim Smyth. He and his wife teach beginning and advanced class together. It is intense, but incredibly inspiring class.

We paint still life. I will post last quarter paintings and guess when they were painted. What is fascinating to me, is the fact, that I was getting frustrated, almost ready to quit oil and stick to watercolor and pastel. But then I decided to look at all my paintings to see if I learned anything and I have to admit I was surprised.

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