Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Landscape before Storm - Oil

First landscape. I really enjoyed painting it, but didn't finish. I need to work on speeding up. But I feel that if I rush I do not pay the attention the subject deserves. So there you go. I have a good excuse.

I might come back to it. I think it has some good dynamics. It would be fun to pull together. And I did work on it at home. The difference is pretty incredible. I am glad I worked on it some more. Top pictuer is the finished painting

I liked reference photo for this painting for the drama in the sky and for the beautiful yellow flowers in the foreground. It has the drama of the storm coming, the light and dark and fun colors. I didn't finish it in the class, but because I really liked it finalized it at home. I am trying to figure where to paint out of the class.

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