Monday, July 22, 2013

New York in Rain - watercolor

In my attempt to depart from total realism and freeing myself to have fun and enjoy the process I picked this rainy day photo. I loved the reflections and blurry background. I could have pushed the color more, next time. It was fun to paint.

Travel Sketches of Praha - ink and watercolor

I went to a travel sketching presentation in University Art given by Robert Dvorak. It was very inspiring. So I tried a few of my sketches. These were done form a photographs, I have to yet try it in real world. It was so much fun I might do some more. One thing I am struggling with is composition. I might focus on that a little more. I really like the joy of the pure fun of painting. I find myself obsessing too much about the final outcome.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Washington - oil

After my Tuscany Hills I choose one of Phil's pictures from his summer trip last year. He went to Washington state to hang out with his friend and took quite a few pictures. I liked this one and I am still working on the painting, so this is just work in progress. I am planning on finishing it this week.

I had a great time painting the sky, I was thinking I should just paint skies, it is so much fun.

Autumn Trees - watercolor

I started this painting while back and got stuck on the trees. I felt the leaves were not radiant enough, so I was disappointed and let the painting sit for a while, but than I had painting get-together with friends and I decided to finish it. When I added the trunks of trees, suddenly the leaves became radiant and shined. I learned again something :)

Santorini - watercolor

This a little watercolor I tried to paint with watercolor graphite. It has interesting qualities. Santorini is a great subject, but it is hard to capture the whites and color. I feel I overworked it. But here it is.