Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring in Baylands - oil

This time it was the yellow flowers that caught my attention. They were so cheerful and grew just around the turn of the road, to emphasise the curve. Fog was coming over the mountains, blurring their edge.

Sky in the Baylands - oil

It was a cool, but beautiful day with gorgeous clouds. I was learning how to blend colors to get the effect of sky with wispy edges of the clouds. It was a great class.

Baylands with clouds - oil

All paintings we paint outside are done quickly. It is very good for me, it forces me to make fast decisions. That is not exactly my strong point. I am happy with some aspects of my painting and not thrilled about others. I feel that my trees are just plopped there. They do not feel live. Oh well, maybe another time.

First picture from Baylands - oil

Our landscape class meets in Palo Alto Baylands. It is beautiful to be outside, on the fresh air, surrounded with birds. Sometimes it gets cold, other times hot, but always beautiful and never the same.

Monochromatic sketches - oil underpaint

I decided to take Brigitte's class this spring. She is an amazing landscape artist, very spontaneous and free. She also has a different way painting with premixed colors. It is fun to watch. I started with quick monochromatic sketches.

Blue vase with onions - pastel

Another painting from Halcyon's class. I loved the colors and tried to get them as close as possible. It is a happy painting. I had fun painting the reflections. The fabric was a challenge, but that makes painting interesting.

Red onions with glass bottle - pastel

It has been a little while since I posted any pictures. Last quarter I took Halcyon's class. Halcyon is a master of painting and seeing color. She will make you see what you would never guess is in front of you, but when she points out the colors on the reflections or transitions,they are there! Amazing. She has always very colorful and intricate setups. Glass or metal objects are her favorite. It is a lot of fun to paint them. I am still not great with oil, but I feel I am more comfortable with the paint application. Oil doesn't fight me as it used to.