Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baylands 1 and 2 - oil (palette knife)

Today was a great painting day. It was supposed to rain and it did at night. But morning was bright with wonderful clouds in the sky. We painted in Baylands. We painted using a palette knife. It was so much fun!

It is hard to take photos of of paintings when they are wet and not have them to reflect light.

Tuscany 3 - oil

I love this motiv. This is third time I painted it. First I did a pastel, second was a wild variation in Brigitte's EMO (extreme makeover) workshop and this last is oil I painted at home on my own, just doing what I like. I think the layout and the colors are wonderful (painted from photo from a magazine)

Portola Pastures 1-3 - oil

New class and new paintings. It is hard to get into it after several weeks of not painting. Somehow it is different than biking or skiing. Or it might be just me. But the main thing is that I am painting and hopefully learning. Right now, I would say, the biggest challenge for me is softening edges. It seems easy, but no, it is very hard.