Saturday, June 27, 2015

Carmel Beach 2 - oil

I started on the view of the other side of the Carmel Beach. This side had different feel of the incoming fog. First photo is painting in progress. I have fun with the purple underpainting. I will add the final next week.

Here is the final painting

Carmel Beach 1 - oil

We spent long weekend in Carmel and I took some photos from which I wanted to paint. It is fun to paint the experience into picture. It was a nice weekend.

Young woman - oil

Sometimes it is hard to reconcile our limitations. I was so excited about doing the underpaint for Laura's portrait, I started another one right away. I just could not get the likeness right. I tried over and over, but it didn't come out. I had colors mixed you and I was just so excited about painting portrait in oil (this is my second portrait in oil) I just could not wait and painted it anyway, so it is not Laura, because it doesn't look like her. It is a portrait of a young woman :)

Laura underpainting - oil drip

I decided that I need to practice portrait and thought my friend Laura would not get offended if it didn't turn out perfect, because as a fellow artist she understands the learning process. Here is my first try to do underpaint with varnish drip.

Maddie - pastel

Portraits are very difficult for me. So I decided I need more practice. Here is our granddaughter's picture. I realized that I need to practice drawing to get the likeness more accurate. Nevertheless I am pleased with the final. I am sure this is not the last time I will paint her.

Palo Alto Baylands - oil

I have several plein air sketches from the spring and thought it would be fun to paint one of them in larger format. Here is a progression of the painting. I love playing with underpaint.

Sailboat - pastel

After finishing sailboat in oil, I tried the same subject in pastel. it is interesting to compare and and see the different media outcome.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sailboat - oil

I finally have my own studio. Well I am sharing it with my dear friend Amy, who is an amazing watercolor artist. I am now working on my own paintings and have fun with it. My first project was a nautical theme. I had great time getting the colors of the sky and water. My main objective was to blend the sail to the sky, not to make sharp transition, but let them blend to each other. That is something I want to work on.