Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dreaming of Sunset

I took a picture of sunset on a trip to Carmel. I loved the colors, but not the composition, so I just drew my landscape and used the colors from the photo. It was fun. The challenge was to get orange/yellow blend with blue sky and avoid ugly green! I love sunsets, especially over the ocean.

Pond in Holland - oil

Friend of mine traveled to Europe and took some great picture. This is painting inspired by one of them.

Foggy Forest - oil

Here is a moody monochromatic picture. I was asked to paint forest in black and white. Well it is a lot of other colors blended in, but the result is a foggy day in the mountains.

Krk in Croatia - oil on panel

We had a wonderful time traveling through Croatia last fall. We took a lot of pictures and I finally got to paint one of my favorites. It is from an island Krk.