Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mayfield slurry - oil

I feel that I repainted this painting at least three times. I am slowly learning that there is a rhythm to creative process. First you figure out what to paint and get excited about it, otherwise why would you paint it? Right? Then you go about the process and it is coming along. But then I always get to the point that I start questioning if it all flowers together and how it is coming along and I inevitably freak out. Every time! And after the freakout, I just go on fixing what is not as I like it and all is well again. It looks like that is a normal creative process for me and I just need to get used to it. I just thought I would like to share this, to see if anyone experienced similar ups and downs.


  1. The colors are unbelievable! I love this one!Do you use some special image converter for your works?

    1. Thank you, I just take picture with my iPhone.

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