Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Slanted Door - oil and cold wax

I finally finished painting from the workshop. It is just too much fun doing my thing :)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Quick studies

Another set of quick studies

Sun Baked Earth - oil and cold wax

I am finally graduating to larger size painting and it is amazing experience. The technique is quite challenging, but on the other side very freeing. I have still hard time to completely wrap my head around it.

Cherry Blossom Day

My son and his fiancee just came back from Japan and saw blooming cherries - sakuras.

Landscapes - oil and cold wax

I am getting more comfortable with the technique and now painting 8x10" getting ready going bigger!!! It is so much fun :)

Quick sketches

Learning new medium takes practice, but with everyday exercises it getting easier.

Small cold wax paintings in the studio

Now I have this fantastic technique and I am having so much fun making it my own.

String - oil and cold wax

This was the only painting I finished in the workshop. It came together quite well

Cold wax workshop

I was working also on larger paintings, but those need to be finished

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Quick studies

Jerry McLaughlin workshop in Berkeley

I took an amazing cold wax workshop from Jerry McLaughlin in Berkeley last weekend. It was a transforming experience! I am thrilled to share some of the paintings I did. Every day started with quick studies. Here are some

Gondolas - oil on canvas

Started underpainting for my next project

Quiet Corner - oil on canvas

Quiet street in old town Prague. I love walking through narrow streets, getting lost in time and place

Horizon - oil on canvas

I finished two paintings of Prague, so I took a break painting my favorite  - ocean. It is always challenging in a good way and so much fun to paint

Show in La Tartine in February 2018

Old Town Square - oil on canvas

Bringing back memories of Prague warm summer nights in the old town. The outdoor cafés are humming with customers and it is just like for centuries, stories of individual lives are happening on the old square that remembers so many historical and personal events.